Anonymous: When girls go out wearing tiny, tight, skimpy outfits, I mean they have the choice to wear something else. some thing less provocative, so really girls are asking for it.


If you’re out in public and I see you’re not wearing any protective headgear does that give me the right to smash in your skull with a hammer? I mean you asked for it, since you’re not wearing something to protect your head. 

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America is some fucked up dystopian shit honestly like how are y’all even surviving? Paying for healthcare? $60,000 on tuition? POC getting shot in Wal-Marts? White men shooting up elementary schools? That’s terrifying I’m worried about all of you

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  • (A gay couple has just met up in the restaurant and kissed each other upon arrival. Another customer has seen this and is obviously angry.)
  • Angry Customer: “Damn f**s.”
  • Gay Man: “Excuse me?”
  • Angry Customer: “You heard me, you little s***. Let’s not make this into some little pride protest, okay? I have to accept that you’re going to live your lifestyle, and you have to accept that I’ve got freedom of speech.”
  • Gay Man: *quietly* “Is it too much to ask for a little human decency?”
  • Angry Customer: “Human? Listen up, what you’re doing is not human. I think I have the right to determine what I think is human.”
  • (The manager shows up. He’s a quiet Italian man who I assume is conservative due to the Christian imagery and portrait of Reagan he keeps around the restaurant.)
  • Angry Customer: *to the owner* “Hey, can you move either them or us to another table?”
  • (Instead of responding to the angry customer, the owner instead speaks to his wife.)
  • Owner: “I’m sorry ma’am, but we have a strict ‘no pets’ policy in my restaurant.”
  • Wife: “Uh, I, uh, what? I don’t have a—”
  • Owner: “Well, according to your talking monkey over here, I can determine who’s a human and who’s not. You bring an animal into my restaurant; I gotta assume it’s your pet.”
  • (The angry customer storms out. When I left, the owner was giving his description, and copies of security camera footage, to the biggest crowd of police I’ve seen. Apparently it’s a bad idea to not pay your bill at a restaurant that gives free coffee to cops.)
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Family: *says something racist*
Family: *says something sexist*
Family: *says something homophobic*
Family: *makes fun of people with tattoos*
Family: *tells you why you’re bad at life*
Family: why don’t you wanna spend time with us?

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Never go to the bathroom at an ATL show...
  • Jack: Why are you leaving?! Why are you leaving the show?!
  • Alex: Where are you going?!
  • Jack: We're not done yet!
  • Alex: Where are you guys going!?
  • Jack: What the fuck are you doing?!
  • Alex: Guys!
  • Jack: C'mon!
  • Alex: Oh wait, they're just going to poop.
  • Jack: Now we've got to wait for them.
  • Alex: We've got to wait for them to poop. Hang on, pause, pause. Let's actually honestly... I know this is going to be annoying, but let's wait for them to come out and when they come back out, let's all clap for them.
  • ATL play something random for ten or so seconds.
  • Alex: Alright now, come on. I think maybe they really are pooping.
  • Jack: Girls don't poop!
  • Alex: Stop! I have to concentrate. I have to concentrate while I wait for them to come out.
  • Wait three more seconds. Someone comes out of the bathroom.
  • Alex: Nope, nope. False alarm.
  • Jack: False alarm.
  • Alex: False alarm. Where are they?
  • Jack: Nope.
  • Alex: That's not them.
  • Jack: Unless they both turned into a guy?
  • Alex: They combined their powers to turn into one dude... I can wait. Honestly, I do not give a shit. This is our headlining tour, we can do whatever we want. Yes I know. I know it's frustrating, I know you came here to see music, but I personally came to watch girls go to the bathroom.
  • Jack: That's what we normally do when we're home. Where the fuck are these girls, dude?
  • Alex: They're just not ready. I'm going to wait.
  • Jack: They're probably doing drugs.
  • Alex: I'm GOING to wait.
  • Jack: Can we arrest them? For doing drugs in the girls room?
  • Alex: Jack shut up! Just hang tight. I know you guys want to hear a song, but I want to laugh at these girls... Nope. That's not them. Come on guys. What are you guys doing in there? Rian, shut up!
  • Jack: Can you go and get them for me, please? Thank you. Thank you.
  • Alex: I don't care if you're bored Rian. YOU'RE boring!
  • Rian gets up to go and get them.
  • Alex: What are you going to do? You don't even have a microphone.
  • Jack: Don't tell them what we're doing
  • Alex: He's going to go in there and be like 'Don't come out ever! They're going to laugh at you'
  • Girls and Rian come out to cheering.
  • Jack and Alex: YAY!!
  • Alex: Good job guys.
  • Jack: We waited for you!
  • Alex: How was it? How was the facilities? Did you wash your hands?
  • Jack: Are you on drugs?
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being called annoying is literally the worst thing ever because then you’re scared to ever say or do anything again and you end up isolating yourself because you think everyone hates you and you feel insecure about everything. long story short pls dont call people annoying

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